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How Mobile Consumers Use Their Devices Around the Globe

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Back in February, Nielsen issued a report on how mobile consumers connect around the globe. The report examined mobile consumer behavior, device preference, and usage in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, the U.K., and the U.S. Here are some findings from the report.

What type of devices do we use?


What device type do we use?


 Nielsen_Legend  Nielsen_Smartphone Device preference is evolving, as smartphone penetration continues to grow in most markets, especially in developed markets with widespread 3G/4G access.

In the U.S. and South Korea, for example, smartphone owners now make up the majority of mobile consumers. And in many markets this increased penetration is being led by a new generation of young adults eager to embrace smartphone technology.

Comparatively, in growing economies like India and Turkey, a growing group of mobile phone users prefer feature phones over other device options (80% and 61%, respectively).


Which apps do we use?’


Which apps do we use?


 Nielsen_Legend  Nielsen_GamesNielsen_Social_Networking Nielsen_Video_MoviesNielsen_NewsNielsen_MapsNielsen_WeatherNielsen_BankingNielsen_ShoppingNielsen_Productivity Smartphone owners tend to gravitate toward games and social networks, though the level of activity varies depending on the market.

For example, smartphone owners in the U.S. were most likely to watch video and use maps/navigation apps, while Chinese users were more likely to access news and weather updates via their mobile apps.

More than half of smartphone users in South Korea regularly use their devices for mobile banking, compared with 22% in Italy.

Source: The Nielsen Company Newswire

Kindle, Nook Sales Slow…Use Smartphone eReader Instead

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According to DigiTimes Research, global shipments of eBook readers expected to reach only 2 million units in Q1 2012, down from 9 million shipped in Q4 2011.  This isn’t because people are not eReading, but because of the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet PCs, which has resulted in a substitution effect for Kindle eBook readers.  As a result, Amazon has reduced its orders for eBook readers from upstream suppliers since the beginning of 2012, said DigiTimes Research.

Overall, global shipments of eBook readers amounted to 22.82 million units in 2011, increasing 107% from a year earlier.  DigiTimes Research estimates that annual shipments of eBook readers are expected to top 60 million units by 2015, The major reason for such a big decline is the success of Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet.  You could say “success of tablets”, but actually this is a new circumstance. The research states that “Since the introduction of the Nook Color there is no clear distinction any more between an eReader (it used to have an e-ink screen) and a tablet (multipurpose, color-screen). Nook Color is a single-purpose device with a color screen.  What’s even more important, Kindle Fire and both color Nooks are highly associated with eBooks, because they were launched by eBookstores. Apparently they became an alternative not for those who wanted to buy a tablet, but those who wanted to buy an eReader.”

One way to get around having that device is to read your eBooks on your smartphone.  It’s just as easy and you only have to carry one device around.  Of course, you may have to be willing to give up the “eReader experience” much as you have to give up the “book experience.”  But, overall, it’s the information gained, the knowledge applied that really counts.

Here are some free eReaders that you can use on a smartphone (depending upon OSes, obviously):

Remember: This is Read an eBook Week.  Do your part.  Read an eBook!

Written by Larry S. Bonura

7 March 2012 at 00:08