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My first blog entry.  Welcome!

This will become my new blank page, my typewriter platen, my computer screen.  This is where I plan to be eclectic at first.  Later, I will hone my message and become more focused.  While that’s not necessary, it does seem to make sense that a more focused blog will be more effective.  However, in today’s ADHD/ADD world, maybe a series of short subjects might fit better into our mindspace.

One of my passions is history.  So, I’ll start out with “Historically Speaking,” which I plan to do periodically. Fun facts about historical minutiae.  I’m writing this because I think it’s fun, and maybe educational, too.

Historically Speaking

  • The origin of the bicycle can be traced bak to the hobby horse, invented in 1817 by Baron Von Drais.
  • The letterpress method of making copies was developed in 1780 by Scotman James Watt; it appeared in the U.S. in 1782.
  • The first device to both insert and cinch a staple was patented on 25 Sep 1877 by Henry Heyl of Philadelphia.
  • The British Mark I was the first tank put into battle, rumbling toward the enemy for the first time on 15 Sep 1916 atFlers-Courcelette, a side conflict in the Somme Offensive.
  • The first tank vs. tank battle happened on 24 April 1918 atVillers-Bretonnex in France; no clear victor emerged.

I am also a fan of mobile devices and the mobile friendly web site.  I’ll occassionally introduce these sites under the “Mobile Elegance” heading.  You can visit my site dedicated to mobile friendly sites at

Mobile Elegance

Here are some sites that are mobile friendly (these will open in a new window):

You can read my  Tweets at


Written by Larry S. Bonura

30 April 2009 at 21:07

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